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Marysia Kay is a Scottish actress based in London. She has appeared in many feature films since she started acting in 2004 including Forest of the Damned, When Evil Calls, Colour From The Dark, The Scar Crow, Aggressive Behaviour, and Blood + Roses.

Marysia was born in Ayrshire. She is 5'5 with a slim, athletic build, pale skin, and blue eyes.

Marysia is highly skilled in stage combat with qualifications in unarmed, knife, quarterstaff, rapier & dagger, small sword, single rapier (distinction) and broadsword (distinction) from the BASSC. She is comfortable working in a variety of accents and is also a trained singer with an alto voice suited to folk, jazz, blues and musical theatre.

  Headshot by Diego Indraccolo Sept 2009